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Social Capital

When people think of “capital,” most immediately think of financial-related industries and currency. There are, however, multiple types of currency which include economic capital, cultural capital, and social capital.

Cultural and social capital have gained greater recognition as currency because the Millennial Generation works for a bigger purpose than simply money. Gangplank embraces and subsists on this way of thinking. You don’t have to be Warren Buffet to give back to the world. In the Gangplank community, participants can contribute immediately by trading social capital rather than economic capital.

Trading in social capital puts the emphasis on building relationships, rather than on the transaction. This type of capital binds a community together. There is a “pay it forward” mentality allowing participants to be altruistic and make a difference on a daily basis. The result is a broader radius of trust which extends by growing the network of social interactions, allowing for deeper engagement and increased authenticity

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