Share Your Story - #WhyGP


The founders built Gangplank to challenge sparsity through the creation of a "third place" - an environment blending both home and workplace. As the "social experiment" is now more than four years old, the intent is to replicate this model in other communities by partnering with municipalities and uniting like-minded individuals around traits unique to their local community.

Through the experience with Gangplank Chandler, we have discovered people will come anywhere from 1 - 1.5 hours away for good content on a regular basis, but not a frequent basis. The "sweet spot" seems to be an average of a 15-minute commute for frequent participation in activities. Therefore, Gangplank locations can exist in multiple cities within a metro region, increasing opportunities for collaboration as opposed to competing.

The motivation for creating new Gangplank locations in cities such as Tucson and Avondale is individuals have the desire for a "third place" within, or at least close to, their neighborhood. Aligning with cities and universities within those areas is important for engagement with both community leaders and future participants.

This is a great time for Gangplank to begin the scaling process due to the current affordability of real estate. Additionally, economic development offices are eager to break away from the traditional mold and embrace innovative ideas, bringing business, culture, community and jobs to their area. Gangplank has a proven track record in Chandler of uniting local government, business and community members around conversations to move the city forward.

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