Share Your Story - #WhyGP


Gangplank isn’t a tech place, or kid place - it’s an everyone place. Gangplank is people.

Gangplank facilities are not just here to be used by small business and freelancers. Gangplank is not a work place - it’s a third place - an environment blending both home and workplace. Participants eavesdrop, jump into conversations and become involved in not just each other’s work, but each other’s lives. Gangplank is a place where holidays, birthdays, new arrivals, and new ideas are announced and celebrated as a community.

At Gangplank, it doesn’t matter doesn’t matter who you are, how you dress, your race, age, gender, or occupation. You are only judged based on your desire to contribute. Participants are seen only for their ideas, ambitions, and creations.

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