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How Gangplank Began

Gangplank was born from a series of lunch meetings, where tech and marketing startup CEOs would talk over their issues and support one another. Members found during every meeting, someone would bring up moving their business out of the Phoenix area due to a lack of capital, talent, or the connections required to bring a product to market. To help combat these issues, Derek Neighbors and Jade Meskill began inviting their friend’s companies to come work out of their space, sustaining support and collaboration beyond the monthly lunch meetings into every day business.

From there, afternoon Brownbag presentations were created to share advice and information relevant to small business. And for the night owls, Hacknight was formed to work on side projects and learn new skills.

Gangplank moved into their current location in downtown Chandler in 2010, simultaneously evolving into a larger space and forging partnership with the city to deepen engagement between citizens and government at a local level.

Word-of-mouth is still the biggest traffic source, with personal referrals amounting to more than 70% of our drop-in population. The Gangplank model is working, growing, and currently being adopted throughout the Sun Corridor and beyond.

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