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Gangplank Studios

Music and art are a part of all of us. We are all born creators, creating pieces of art for refrigerators, making short videos of friends. Gangplank Studios goes to the creative core of people and connects artists, musicians and creators to explore and have fun.

Additionally, the studios initiative strives to build culture and vibrancy in cities, creating a space that is more than a place to work, but to live.

Come out and rediscover your creative side. Gangplank has an array of activities and events for the musician, photographer, or artist in you:

  • Music lessons
  • Concerts & Jam sessions
  • Recording & podcast studio
  • Photography conferences & workshops
  • Visual Design classes
  • Photo walks & contests
  • Art gallery
  • Space for photo & video shoots
  • Drink & Draw
  • And much more!

How Gangplank Interacts with the Community