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Gangplank Chandler

Located just south of historic Downtown Chandler and directly across from the new City Hall, Gangplank is actively involved in moving Chandler forward. The future of economic development takes a holistic approach to job creation - building a place where people want to live and play, not just work.

As part of the goal, Gangplank participants sit on nearly every Chandler-area board and commission, providing different perspectives on economic development, art, education, parks, etc. Gangplank also provide assistance on projects for which participants have a particular expertise, such as developing a web presence for Chandler’s restaurant coalition for better promotion.

A few of the projects Gangplank is working on in partnership with Chandler organizations include:

  • Community garden and beautifying empty lots in Chandler
  • Acting as a hub in Chandler for the Arizona Science & Technology Festival
  • Raising funds for ICAN scholarships & inviting youth into Gangplank Junior
  • Volunteering at the Chandler Christian Community Center Food Bank
  • Adapting curriculum within the Chandler Unified School District

How Gangplank Interacts with the Community