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Gangplank Business

Entrepreneurship and small business incubation is a huge part of the Gangplank community. Gangplank prides itself in growing the future business leaders of tomorrow. Some of the resources currently offered for small business development include:

  • Mentoring - Gangplank’s mentoring services are unparalleled. Each of the mentors holds regular office hours for meetings in the areas of Early Business Development, Product Development, Design & Marketing, Operations, Technology, Legal, Leadership, and the Music Industry.
  • Brown bags - These weekly sessions are hour-long business and personal development classes held Wednesday at Noon, with advice from leaders in the local community.
  • Startup Weekend Chandler - Form a team and build your startup idea from scratch to production in 54 hours, with special support and programs after the weekend is over.
  • Extreme Pitch - An opportunity to pitch your business startup idea to actual experienced entrepreneurs and investors who will provide real, no-holds-barred feedback.

How Gangplank Interacts with the Community